Take-off. What I do best. Landing? A�Still circling the pattern.

This begins one month in Washington.

Sunset in An Airplane

I don’t think that being a flight attendant has to be as gypsy-esque as my life has been since December. A�It just so happens to be how my life is currently. A�It doesn’t mean this is every flight attendant’s life, so if you are considering a career, don’t let this post, or any of the others, discourage you. A�Instead of going into detail over why I’ve lived in Los Angeles, Ft. Lauderdale, Honolulu, and now Washington state, in 5 months time (Since Jan 2013), I am just going to leave it simply as, I am here. A�Now.

So let’s get to that now.

Flight Attendant Friends

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Kara & Dorie

We, not just I, because this includes my flight attendant co-worker, Dorie, have been in Bellingham, Washington for a total of seven days so far. A�Sent here, along with a few others, across the Pacific blue, away from Island life . A�Pieces of the balance that I have struggled with in Hawaii have seamlessly been falling back into place in this Pacific Northwest location. A�I feel healthy. A�I feel rested. A�I almost feel like a normal person, with a schedule and predictability. A�The week has proved itself to be all around fantastic, and that’s even with working every on-call day. A�For those of you that think that I don’t work, I would like to call this month as Exhibit A.

Flight Attendant wings

So fly…

I wish Dorie and I had more play time to explore the area; Vancouver, Seattle, the quaintness of Bellingham, or Europe perhaps? A�Oh, but the time is limited! Dorie and I have maximized the free hours that we do have. A�Non-workA�time is filled with fun, silliness, girl talk…and did I say silliness already? A�Silliness actually encompasses all hours.

Fun Flight Attendants

We rarely stop laughing

moped rental san juan island

and we just have fun…renting a moped on San Juan Island

Dorie and I opted to be “roomies” in our hotel home, which comes complete with a kitchen, oven and stove included, as well as a dining room table. A�We plan on hosting tea parties and Scrabble nights. A�Invite only. A�This Washington home is fancy! A�Free Breakfast, a driver, hot-tub, maid, and personal fitness studio. A�Waikiki studios aren’t this plush. A�Hotel living is just quite nice sometimes.

Bellingham Hotel


Living with a co-worker is something that I said I would never do, as the first round of that, ended. A�Bad. A�But, I’ve categorized this situation as different. A�Maybe because it’s just 30 days, and my flight attendant roomie is easy to get along with. A�Dorie is a delightful mix of silly and serious. A�A smarty, that is frosted fairly frequently with blonde moments, but also has an inner depth that you would miss if you didn’t look beneath her pretty grin and dancing green eyes. A�My favorite qualities about Dorie is that she speaks whale,A�and that she is forgiving. A�She forgave me for accidently confusing her toothbrush as mine, and she forgives me for waking her up every night with my sleep talking. A�What a good roomie.


Dorie, Pirate hunting in Friday Harbor, San Juan Island.

Jokingly, Dorie and I say that we are going to make a chore wheel for our “home”. A�We’ve already taped our daily schedule to the fridge. A�Our schedule goes as such: A�Every morning, Dorie and I roll ourselves out of bed between the hours of 5am-8am, depending on what time we have to work. A�We start the day with a brutal workout. A�It’s called Insanity, and it is well named. A�Maybe you’ve heard of it. A�Squat jumps, push-ups, mountain climbers, and other strange movements straight from hell have our muscles screaming and our bodies collapsing in exhaustion. A�Once the 40 min- 60 min torture session are over, it’s breakfast time, and then a few hours to relax.

Flight Attendant Schedule

So organized

Insanity Body

We work out:)

Dorie made fun of me when we first arrived because of how many bags I packed. A�She says I’m a flight attendant and should know how to travel light. A�I’m not traveling honey. A�This girl, me, is just trying to live. A�Somewhere.

Flight Attendant packing

Watch the video

There’s the side of me that sparkles over being able to live month-to-month in new locations, not knowing where I will be next. A�Then there is the more hidden, the quieter, melancholy side that hides behind the humor, the giggles, and adventure. A�The side that feels scared and very single through all of this. A�The part of me that is so, so, so over all of the goodbyes. A�So tired of my life in so many different places. A�Time to consolidate, whatever that means. A�I don’t want to have heart pulls to Los Angeles, suitcases and my beloved bicycle at my parent’s home, bags in Hawaii, and me and some outfits in Washington. A�Home is where the heart is? Ummm…whoever said that was NOT a flight attendant. A�If only I knew where I would land.

I just want to know where I’m meant to land.

Where is she now

inspiring sayings

Address unknown

And that was her life…

  • Kara

    Sky! Bellingham has been so great. I’ve gotten in touch with Dylan, but we haven’t gotten to meet yet. Maybe next week:) How’s Maui??

    May 12th, 2013 12:24
  • Skylar

    Yeah Kara!!!! You made it! Aloha Bellingham 🙂 Have you met Dylan yet?

    May 12th, 2013 11:13
  • Kara

    You’re comments and knowing that you keep reading my thoughts really mean so much to me. I appreciate it. Someday soon, I’ll make a trip to Montreal, and then you will be in the blog:)

    May 10th, 2013 10:25
  • Louis

    Home can be anywhere! Believe it or not, it’s inside of you, those moments where you feel healthy, happy, maybe even have a little sad sometimes:) I think you’re doing great and you’re taking in all that life’s journey has to offer you. You’ll land Kara and that’s what count, it will be great:)

    May 9th, 2013 8:40

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