Best Travel Pants for air travel

I recently discovered the best classy and comfy clothing item for my airplane lifestyle. In truth, these certain pair of pants actually found me. And, I am so happy they did! I am always in desperate need of clothes that look nice for travel, but are also extremely comfortable. If you find yourself on airplanes as much as I do, and don’t have the option of a flight attendant uniform, it tends to be a challenge to find comfy clothes that also communicate class. Leggings are only so fancy, you know.

Betabrand— a crowdsourced San Francisco based clothing company— created a Boot-Cut Yoga Dress Pants that has been my style Savior.

Betabrand black yoga pants

What girl doesn’t want a pant that fits like a yoga class, but screams #GIRLBOSS? The pants are stretchy; made with a thicker type material that breathes. They even have belt loops, upgrading a yoga look to upscale office fashion. This isn’t just a chick thing as Betabrand made the best travel pants for the male population as well.

betabrand best pants for air travel men

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I wear my Betabrand pants on the commute from East Coast to West Coast, donned the duds for an 11hr flight from Los Angeles to Copenhagen when I went for a friends wedding, and spent all last week accessorized with the black beauties while learning how to be a private cabin attendant.

SkyAngels SkyAcademy private flight attendant training

One thing you really learn when you jump into a non-stop travel life, or become a flight attendant, is that everything in your life needs to become versatile. Style has to fit multiple “what-if” scenarios and circumstances. 

Betabrand’s clothing does versatility well. Last week, when I was at SKYAcademy, I truly realized how much I need and will use a pair of blank pants like the yoga dress pants. I had intended to go shopping for all black clothing items, as that is the required uniform to be a SkyAngel, but couldn’t find any great black pants or shirts. I thought, “Well, I guess I’ll just wear my Betabrand pants the first day and hope they are acceptable. I’ll buy something after class.” The thing is, I don’t want to buy any other dress pants. These are simply too comfy and classy, pairing quite nicely with a $50 million dollar Gulfstream. Thanks to Betabrand, I have upgraded my inflight style.

Private Flight Attendant Nicole Santiago

You may purchase a pair by visiting Betabrand’s website. Please comment below and let me know what you think of the pants and any other items available on the website. 

Notes: The company mailed me the pants I’m raving about and a couple of other items. THANK YOU Betabrand. All of the thoughts are my own. I have yet to test out the dress or hoodie Johnny sent me, but a review on those pieces will be out very shortly. Until then, please check out the travel collection on Betabrand’s website. You may purchase the pants I’ve reviewed by clicking here. I wear a small and am a size 4-6 to help give you a reference.


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