My favorite adventure friend (besides my other favorites like Emily, Jimmy, Becca, Mitch, Elijah, David…who am I kidding? A�I have a bunch of favorite adventure friends. The people in my life are absolutely fantastic!). A�But, Nicole…she and I became friends because she didn’t know what a Persimmon was, and I was fascinated by the funky and fun jewelry that she was wearing.

I’m telling you, this girl is cool! A�She happens to be a videographer guru, and I have enlisted her asA�The Flight Attendant Life’s official Vlogger, because, conveniently, she also is a flight attendant. A�AND she also is one of the most fantastic and funniest women I know!

Banana Car

It’s just me, Nicole, and The Banana CarA�in Hollywood Beach, Florida. A�No. Big. Deal.

I bring up Nicole for a couple of reasons; one because you must know how fantastic she is, and two, because this post is about The Flight Attendant Life’s YouTube channel, showcasing various escapades, video version. A�But you see, these video’s aren’t professional like Nicole’s vlogging, but as far as entertainment value goes, watch away…

You can visitA�The Flight Attendant Life’sA�YouTube page by clicking here, or searching “TheFALife.” A�I’ve posted a few of the videos below, with a little bit of enlightenment added.

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A�The Average American

This is from when Dad and I went to Vietnam. A�He’s such a goofball, so the two of combined, are one ridiculous mess. A�Of course, joking around and laughing about something, while in Sapa, we had to take a moment to make fun of ourselves.

A�I Love My Brother

The little sister still has to annoy the big brother. A�Family vacays never change do they?

Istanbul Jewelry Making

While in Sultanahamet, Emily and I were just going shopping, but then Mustafa tried to teach us how to make jewelry.

Chiang Mai, Thailand Vegetarian Cooking Class

I spent about a week in Chiang Mai solo, and one of the things that I did was take a cooking class. A�It was great fun!

Istanbul Fortune Telling

Turkish Coffee grind fortune with Arthur and the Jack Sparrow look alike.

And…I love you California:)

These are not all of the videos! If you want to know how my Bachelor interview went south, or what Mt. Rushmore was like when I went north, Please visit the Youtube pageA�to see more fun video adventures.

  • Kara

    I love you!!!!

    February 2nd, 2013 14:02
  • Nicole

    You are too sweet! Just like BANANAS!!!!! Much love ~ muwah

    February 2nd, 2013 10:06

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