The Girl Always Looking for Whata��s Next

By: TaliaA�

Is it just a bad case of wanderlust? That itch to go somewhere that just wona��t go away? Continuously looking at Pinterest and travel blogs for ideas of where to go?

*raising hand and claiming these statements*

I often wonder why cana��t I just sit still and enjoy the moments of life around me. Why am I always craving to leave home and go explore the world? Am I running from something? Is there something I am trying to prove? Ita��s like I think the world is going to escape me if I dona��t see all of it SOON and FAST.

My life didna��t always look this adventurous though. I left my comfortable job in corporate America, where I was making commission checks that I didna��t even think were real because the amounts were outrageous. I had a super cool boss and was able to work from home. Most people would think that is the dream job, but I was bored and I couldna��t find my place. We spend so much of our lives at work that it is so important to feel our purpose lies there.

So now, here I am, living out my dream that I envisioned when I was a 5 year old traveling as unaccompanied minor, able to travel a�� anywhere at anytime the second I earned my flight attendant wings.

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So one may ask.. a�?What else is it that you want?a�?

See the flight attendant life seems amazing to outsiders, being able to have the world at your fingertips. With one click and you are booked for a one way ticket to wherever your heart desires. For free [minus the taxes here and there]. And dona��t get me wrong, it is amazing and wicked cool.

Delta Flight Attendant

But lately, the endless opportunities have brought on an anxious spirit.

Ia��d scroll thru social media of complete strangers, the other world travelers and bloggers out there, and couldna��t help but compare my life to theirs. And I could make my life look like that. I could make that happen, because as a flight attendant, I have the whole world in my reach. I caught myself wanting to go on adventures like theirs. I would screenshot the places they were visiting and add it to my bucket list. I would spend hours on Pinterest pinning my next big escape to wherever. It would consume my thoughts, and I didna��t care if it cost money that I didna��t have. I told myself that I would figure out a way to make this happen; everyone else was making it happen, so why couldna��t I?

I couldna��t sit still and be happy, because there was so much out in the world that I needed to see. I started to forget about the things I loved at home because I was so focused on where to next. I wanted to go. I was comparing myself to these adventurous souls, because their lives looked so cool and mine felt so boring. Embarrassing enough to say, but I wanted to prove that I too had a cool life.

Travel with Talia

An article by blogger Essena Oa��Neill, recently went viral about how a�?social media is not real life.a�? The article really hit home because she spoke about how our generation is finding their worth in how many likes or comments we get on our photos. We pose and edit and repose and re-edit our photos until they look perfect enough to share with the world.A�The truth is, social media only shares our beautiful moments in life and not the raw, stressful, anxiety ridden days that come along with REAL life. And with being a flight attendant, we have a lot of raw, ugly moments that dona��t get told. I mean it is a job after all and not all of our moments are as glamourous as everyone thinks.

So for now, I am going to focus on meeting the moment and enjoy the travels that I do get to be a part of, whether it is a little domestic layover in a small town or getting to jump off waterfalls in Hong Kong. I have seen so much of the worldA�already in this first year of flying that I can only imagine what is to come.A�The beauty of being a flight attendant is that most of us will have this career for the rest of our lives so there is no rush. We will get there E V E N T U A L L Y!

travel with tal flight attendant

Meet Talia: Talia (@galpaltal) is a first year flight attendant for a major airline, figuring out this flight attendant lifestyle one flight at a time. Camera in hand and rollaboard in the other, this girl is all over the map. Follow her travels at

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