This is a milestone:A� My first entry ever written during flight. No, I’m not actually working this trip.A� It’s another mini-vacay.

I just peeked out the window, and the scenery is very brown.A�A� Hmmm…that sentence really wasn’t relevant to this post in any way.

Back to theA�matter atA�hand.A� Since I am on a plane,A�I thought it was an appropriate time to add to the germ series.A� Take a look at the previous 4 posts of the top places you will encounter germies on an aircraft.

(Warning: you’ll probably be happierA�not knowing what invisible friends you expose yourself to during airline travel, but you could be healthier by educating yourself. Just saying).

Germ Zone:A� Water
For: E. Coli, common bug that causes stomach cramps

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“We do not serve hot water, hot coffee, or hot tea.A� Also, all drinks are for purchase, including bottled water.”A� This is the typical pre-service announcement that I make everyday at work.A� Most people seem to take personal offense when they realize thatA�there are only two things that are free on their flight: ice and smiles.A� Yes. You’re welcome.

Before you argue and guffaw and tell me all of the reasons that it is so wrong to charge for water, let me explain something to you.

Think of an airline like a third world country;A� a country where you would simply not drink the tap water because your stomach would be in so many knots, causing you to experience a party at both ends.A� I don’t want those parties on my flight, thank you.A� Neither does your neighbor.

Water on aircrafts is a common culprit of E. Coli, and the water used to fill the coffee pots doesn’t reach a hot enough temperature to kill the germs. Also, the water often contains floating particles of unknown matter.

And don’t try to save some money by filling your cup or water bottle up with the water from the lavatory sink, especially you Moms.A� Please don’t fill Baby’s bottle up in the sink.A� Who knows how long that water has been rotting in the tanks of the plane. I don’t know where it comes from and I don’t know where it goes, but my simple recommendation is avoid using it for drinking.

Bring your own water. Buy a bottle of water at the airport.A� Buy a KleanA�Kanteen or another type of refillable water container, and fill it up at a drinking fountain after you pass through security.A� And be happy the next time the flight attendant makes you fork up $2 for bottled water.A� You’re saving yourself from possible stomach misery.

Inspiration for this series is thanks to BudgetTravel, and the article, a�?6 Places Germs Breed On a Plane.a�?A� To read the article please click here.

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