Five Questions Flight Attendants Repeat All Too Often

Flight attendants are these predictably unpredictable types.  You may not know where one may end up next, but you can rest assured that you will hear one of these sentences at least once, or most likely many times from a stews mouth. “How full is the flight?” More full than any one of us would […]

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Best Outfits For Air Travel

The Flight Attendant Life recommends what will keep you classy and comfortable in the skies. Here is what to wear when you travel by air.

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Portland Love: Coffee, Bikes and Books

Everyone has a city that they keep going back to. A city that’s not too big and not too small. A place where people ring their bike bells in a friendly way, and where thick glasses and vintage polyester pants are always the look. A little part of the country where you can bury yourself […]

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