Nine flights in twelve days bouncing me between six countries.

This is the flight attendant life. A�Actually, I take that back. A�This is not normal. A�NOT AT ALL.

I feel like a blogging failure right now because I haven’t been able to write updates on the adventures. A�So, this is a blog, that is longer than twitter’s 140 character limit, but much shorter than an actual depiction of the dramas of the last few weeks.

But here’s what I’m thinking right now:

  • Hagia Sophia is one of those take the words out of your mouth visuals. A�A must see!
  • Ljubljana has ‘it.’ A�My friendA�Chris Donnelly, who’s in the know, said, when referring to Ljubljana; “I and everyone else in the world hates the word CUTE, but this is a very very cute city.”
  • Istanbul is overwhelming for me. A�Just so busy.
  • I bought a fakey purse, and for the flight attendant budget, it was expensive.
  • I love this life. A�I do. But I’m tired
  • I want to sit and smoke hookah, get my nose pierced, and dye my hair brown. A�I’ll only do about one of those on that list while here in Istanbul.
  • Porto, Portugal is a place that I must go back to.
  • Jimmy Lowe is missed, and it would be nice to sit on the 25th floor, with my two favorite travel buddies,A�overlooking a city.
  • I always have some place to go to, but in the last two weeks, I finally wish that, more than a place to go, I wish I had someone to go to. A�So, for those of you that have said, “I’m so jealous of you and your travels,” A�just remember, my side of the fence is pretty green, I know, but don’t turn green with envy. A�I do lots of my life alone. A�This is what my life is right now, so I’ve embraced it, welcomed it, and I will live it:)
  • SOOOO happy to be in Turkey with Emily. A�She’s amazing. A�(She hacked my facebook to tell all of my friends how awesome she is. A�Can’t hide the truth:)

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  • Turkish treats are good; baklavas in chocolate and syrupy sweetness. Yummy! A�Gelato; you are so last week!

  • G-ma

    Just seeing the pictures of the baklava made my mouth water.

    October 4th, 2012 15:44

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