Today, I got back to Hawaii, finally, bringing an end t0 my stint as a Honolulu based flight attendant.  I say finally because we were a day late…weather this time (it’s always something).

Flight Attendant Problems

Flight Delays wreak havoc on a flight attendant’s life

I really can’t believe it’s over, and I’m leaving, moving across the world to Florida, a place that I said that I would never live.  I can’t say I’m happy about moving, or sad about moving, or even indifferent.  I’ve been in a week of freak out, which has settled substantially.  I’ll leave it as that.  I’m just tired.  And, maybe yes, sad about some things.  There will be so much that I will miss in Hawaii, but I have so much to look forward to…like tomorrow, I’m hoping to go to New Zealand.

Enjoy some photos from the last nine months of Hawaii Life:)

Diamond Head, Oahu

Diamond Head


Date with Lambo



Waikiki View

Waikiki Sunset

Flight Attendant Packing


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