If you are in the aviation industry, spontaneous travel is more than just a second-nature type thing, but most of the time, everything. You can’t really plan the details when you don’t know if you will make the destination. This is the art, as well as the horror of standby. It’s kind of addicting. It’s kind of interesting. It’s kind of the way I live my life; in open-ended possibility of what the next adventure will bring.

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It’s fun traveling when there is so much surprise and possibility involved, but the downside can be that many other parts of travel, like booking hotels, doesn’t happen with the same fluidity. But, what if it did? Simply. Quickly. Overnight.

Well, did I mention—there’s an app for that? An app that will pair nicely with your spontaneous, globe-trotting, stand-by flying, short-term planning, adventurous cuteness of a self. Yeah…kiddo. I’m serious and I’m gonna show you—not only how you can stay—but how you can play; earning money for your own travels by referring your friends or by becoming a host.

Overnight, the app, allows you to book overnight stays with local hosts. Not only great for flight attendants, pilots, and buddy passers who travel spontaneously and need to be open to possibilities, but ideal for travel junkies and weekend explorer-warriors who crave flexibility within their adventures; desiring open-ended and short-range planning options for their holidays.

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How it works is you download the free app by clicking HERE; making a profile that is better than your Tinder. You will also find that unlike Tinder, this app will not waste your time (You know, I just tell the truth on this blog. Always).

Overnight The App For Spontaneous Travel Flight Attendant

When logging into Overnight, your location pops up, and you can decide if you want to broadcast to hosts near your current address. Or, you have the option of putting a different address into the little search bar. When building this app— which was created by travelers just like us (cool and savvy)— the company knew we would be much happier with options. So, you can choose to see available hosts within a 1 mile, 3 mile, and 10 mile radius; as well as pick between shared, private, and entire unit accommodations. If you can’t find travel inspiration all by yourself, just tap the search bar with your finger and Overnight asks you;

“Where could you go next?”

Which kind of is my favorite question in the world.

Travel inspiration for boutique hotel travel

A little green house in a circle allows you to view photos of possible options of places to stay when you click the little green house. To get a place, just start broadcasting that you are looking. Remember to create a descriptive and interesting profile that screams how nice and cool you are. It will help hosts want to host you. Before broadcasting that you want a place to stay overnight, you can look to see what places could be available, giving you an idea of the price and style.

Local Host Stays Overnight Better Apps For Better Travel

Communication between hosts and travelers can be received through the little envelope icon in the right hand corner of the app. Currently, Overnight is featured in three badass cities in the United States including Austin, Texas; Los Angeles, California; and San Francisco, California, with more cities to be announced soon.

Mermaid Dreams Los Angeles

Spontaneous hotel accommodation is available using apps like Hotels Tonight, but for those who desire a more local experience, using Overnight is the best option. As a flight attendant, I rarely use AirBnb because for one, it requires too much advance planning, and for two, I never get enough days off to stay to make my stay worth it. But this thing, I like.

If you feel that itch to drop everything and go and find yourself craving— not a planned and typical adventure— but something a little out of the ordinary, try Overnight. Enter my invite code: Kara_Mulder on the app to land a $25 credit toward your first stay.

Overnight App Flight Attendant Travel Standby Best Travel Apps

You can also earn money by referring your friends or by becoming a host. If you’re crew, hosting your pad makes a lot of sense too, especially since you really won’t have to plan ahead. Think about it, and think about…

Where could you go— or would you go— if you could spontaneously book a trip anywhere?

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    Hey, I have so many questions for you in regards to becoming a flight attendant. I want to travel international if i am to join the flight attendant life, and mostly want to do so because I want to see the world. How many days do you usually have to travel around once you land in whatever part of the world you are at?

    June 10th, 2016 15:34

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