Yes, here is a short list of things that make me shake my head, stopping to jot on my mental notepad, scribbling in my brain, “I’m not going to do that/think that/believe that/react that way…etc, etc again…”

And then, not twenty-fours later, “I can’t remember where I parked my car.”

You know there’s an app for that?

Where Did I Park My Car And Other Things I Should Probably Know By Now

  1. It takes me an hour to get to work. A�I should know that trying to make it in thirty minutes just does not add up. A�Math has never been my forte. A�(The joke at work is that the reason I cannot count is because I was home schooled. A�No offense to you home schoolers out there. Pretty sure this theory only applies to me though, so you’re good).
  2. Some people are just ridiculous, and by ridiculous, I mean ridiculous.
  3. Seriously!? Stop being so serious! A�Laughter can mask a multitude of annoyances.
  4. Getting only five hours of sleep will always make me a grumpy pants.
  5. My job and life…it’s just not predictable. A�Why fortune tell the future?
  6. People are full of surprises. A�Some I appreciate, and of course, some I do not.
  7. The flight will probably be delayed if I have an appointment right after the trip. A�Does the universe have a weird sense of humor? A�I wonder…
  8. Not everyone will like me.
  9. There isn’t a fast forward, pause, or rewind button in life. A�Moments are special, a gift, and very fleeting.
  10. I really need to start writing down where I parked my car. A�This walking up and down row after row of parked vehicles is not the way that I want to spend a Friday afternoon.
I’d like to think I’ve learned a little bit since I started flying:)


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