I spent a day in South Dakota. A�It was ridiculous flying into Rapid City, but worth the hassle. A�Denver airport and I were about to become really good friends, as when I landed, I realized, I couldn’t get on the flight to RAP, so I made a retreat for LAX, but the full flights and mechanicals left me looking for a plan D.

But, plan D turned into the original plan A and just about 16 hours after departing on my adventure, I arrived in the midwestern state I had intended to see.

And yes, I need a history lesson, but now, I am about three or four South Dakota and US History Facts smarter.

  • I know who is on Mount Rushmore.
  • I can tell you who’s genius created the faces in stone,
And, most importantly,
  • I can tell you when the Keystone Taffy Shop opened.


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