I knew this job was never for me. A�3am, Christmas morning, riding a shuttle to terminal four at LAX. Brain foggy, security lines, harsh terminal lighting, nothing warm or welcoming like a regular Christmas morning. A�I distinctly remember visually following a flight crew as they walked passed, the flight attendants and pilots towing their black suitcases. A�Internally, I turned up my nose, saying, “I would hate that life.” A�I was eighteen.

Life (or maybe it’s God) has a funny sense of humor doesn’t it?

Here I am, three years into working as a flight attendant, and in short, I love it. A�Being a flight attendant wasn’t a plan or even a want in my life at eighteen or even at twenty-two. A�I feel like if found me.

So, why be a flight attendant? A�Why put up with the Christmas mornings and crazy passengers? A�The security lines, delays, and not necessarily so good pay? A�There are always the downsides to any job, but the perks and pluses of this one make up for the occasional annoyances.

So here’s Why Be a Flight Attendant

You could be doing this…

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Or this…

Florence Italy travel blogger

You go to Hawaii…


And Spain…

In the same month.

You go from Los. Angeles, to South Dakota, to San Francisco…

allA�in theA�same week.

A�You meet the coolest people.

Costa Rica Friends




A�Life is exciting.

A�And actually going to work, isn’t so bad either.

If you want to become a flight attendant, check out my eBook onA�iTunes on “How To Land A Job As A Flight Attendant.” A�Or I always welcome questions. A�Send them my way Kara at theflightattendantlifeA�dot com.

  • Carlisa

    My dear, what an exciting career and life. Just one thing though…Among your friends, how is it to have a family and work as a FA? Many people focas and mention all the amazing trips but no one writes anything or examples as being married and with kids.
    If you have any information you can share it would be so apprecaited. Thank you for your time and stay safe with your travels and thank you for keeping us all safe.

    May 7th, 2012 6:53

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